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We fight the only way we can, middle finger to the man. Laughing all the way, yeah yeah yeah yeah!

We have another show this FRIDAY at SWAYZES which will be $7. We're playing with KAMA, THE WHOLE NINE, MEAN GIRLS, PLANO and I think someone else, but I'll change it accordingly. This is the whole nine's last show, so show some love.

Other than that thanks alot to everyone who came to the masquerade on friday. It was a good feeling to be able to play to so many friends. Seriously it meant alot to me and im sure gus and conor feel the same way.

Other than that today is a beautiful day. I'm gonna go do something.
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a kid in the whole nine is my friend's little brother. heh. you need to come over to my house when you're all done with the show and enjoy the shindig. ^_^

then you can give me all the demo you wanna. woo.
you guys were faaabulous, it was my first time seeing you guys, we just came up there to see soemthing new sine were new to the area and we loved it, i'm deffinately coming to see you guys play, (the fox trotsky cd kicks my butt). and does conor have lj?
later dude
well thaaanks alot. conor does NOT have a livejournal, but he does have a beautiful spirit and sexy legs.