Stephen Q. Urkel (fancypantry) wrote,
Stephen Q. Urkel

I wake up in my bed at my house in Chamblee. It's around 2 o'clock, so naturally it's time for breakfast. Before I can even make it down the stairs to the kitchen I feel one of my teeth wiggling as it would have when I was younger. I look at my mother who is standing at the bottom of the stairs. I decide to see how far I can push the tooth. I press my tongue against it and push. It falls out. I spit it into my hand and look at it. It's got one of my fillings in it. I look at my mom. She looks confused, but quickly begins attending to other business in the kitchen. This apparent loss of equilibrium in my mouth causes four more of my teeth to loosen up. I raise my eyebrows and turn down the corners of my mouth. Some of them simply fall out, but others take a bit more work. I spit them into my hand and quickly shove them into my pocket. I call the dentist, but he sounds upset with me. It must be his day off. The words he says stop making sense. I hang up on him. I ask my mother what I should do. She is unfazed and tells me to do what the dentist said to do. Frustrated, I throw all my teeth on the ground. Immediately realizing my mistake I hurriedly begin picking them up again. I black out.

I wake up in my bed in my apartment. I run my tongue along the back of my teeth... they're all there. It's around 1 o'clock, so naturally it's time for breakfast.
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